NI S4 vs. APC40/Audio8DJ/Machine
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    Default NI S4 vs. APC40/Audio8DJ/Machine

    this is what happens to me when i am forced to wait long enough. i get second thoughts! DAMN YOU NATIVE INSTRUMENTS! XD

    should i keep my current setup and get a maschine? (for use with traktor, i don't like ableton as a dj tool). I know these setups are way different but im getting the s4 to layer some perc and loops on top of my sets, on the other hand, machine looks like it's way more powerful but it might be overkill (i produce as well but perc is actually my weak point).

    i mix internally and like to keep minimal a setup to keep transport simple. I replaced my audio kontrol 1 with the audio8 for a proyect that never really kicked off, so won't be needing timecode or 4 outs.

    Only downside on apc+machine is that i do get some daylight gigs, and i don't get any feedback from the controller on those , I guess i will have the same issue with machine.

    Btw, I mix mostly house/techno/tech house, but do take some gigs with "regular" music to help pay the bills

    the thing is: adding a machine to my setup or selling everything for the s4 are in the same budget.


    PS: my S4 should arrive in 1 or 2 weeks to this side of the world, but my gear is already on sale
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    i had an apc 40, is great but atm dont have time for live, warping for djing, or producing anthing, so i sold it, and bought s4. Ill add a maschine soon.

    S4 + Maschine ill be great i think.

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