New to Traktor DJ'ing, How do YOU organize your tracks?
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    Default New to Traktor DJ'ing, How do YOU organize your tracks?

    So I have been getting into Electronic Music lately. I'm learning Ableton at the moment because my dream is to produce, but I'm not very fond of it as a DJ program (because of the browser). So I purchased a copy of Traktor Pro last night, and am planning to Sink my teeth into it tonight (and every night from now on )

    I have an external HD just for Tracks / Samples / Settings. To try and make it easier to mix Harmonically, I have organized my tracks by Keycode.

    E:\Tracks\House\1A\1A - BPM - Artist - Track (Remixer(s)
    E:\Tracks\House\2A\2A - BPM - Artist - Track (Remixer(s)
    E:\Tracks\House\3A\3A - BPM - Artist - Track (Remixer(s)
    I have two questions:

    1. How do you guys organize your tracks? Am I doing this the hard way? I'm getting the feeling I should organize them by Sub genre and then year instead....

    2. I key my songs with Mixmeister and check that against my Keyboard, I then write the Keycode into the ID3, Does Traktor show me the Keycode ID3, or do I have to add the Keycode to the trackname? Again, am I doing this the hard way? Keying all my songs is taking a considerable amount of time I could be spending practice mixing.

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    Mixed in Key will add it all in there for you. There is a good write up on the site about it and other programs that do the same things. It will add it to the ID3 tag and/or the track title so you can organize however you feel. It is a little pricey but most people I have talked to say it's worth the money.
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    wow thats pretty organized i have to say :P i pretty much just organize by genre two folders for each genre one folder is New electro house the other electro house for example then i just put new tracks in the new folder and once their gridded keyed and cue'd i wack them in the normal folder :S works for me i use MIK

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    I do genre folders, year folders and monthly sub folders. On top of that I have Set idea folders, special/unique requests, Samples/loops split into category ill write it out below:

    *Year > Month
    *Genre > House, funky, tribal, DnB etc
    *Set idea > Genre, event
    *Samples > Loops, vocals, 1hits, Custm
    *Requested > Event
    *Commercial > Genre > C_50 (current top 50 in charts)
    *Music Library (Default iTunes list)

    This is currently how im doing it. I actually do it all through iTunes at the moment (after ID tagging etc). Its working well for me. Before I was doing the same sorting but inside of traktor.

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