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    OK i now have Traktor Scratch Pro after recommendations on here so thanks guys... OK so one question... What can i do with the MIDI on the Audio 8 DJ?

    Could i say for example use a MC303 groovebox and if so what can i do... I know it might sound a bit stupid but I'm a Turntable and Mixer kind of guy just getting to grips with all this new technology after hanging up my decks 8 year ago!


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    i could be wrong, but its suposed to convert the midi signal from the midi cable to usb so you can connect it to your computer

    so if you connect the 303 to the midi in and plug it into your computer, you should be fine
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    Hmmm i have a mc303 sitting around aswell, not incorporated it into my live setup yet as i use a Hercules RMX, don't think it can be done without another sound card.

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    Yeh I'd like an answer to this as well. I've only been into digital DJing for a couple of years and have never even set eyes on a MIDI cable, but my Audio 8 has MIDI I/O. What do you do with it?!
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