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    Default apc40 + traktor

    morning/afternoon/evening folks

    i just bought an apc40 and ive downloaded a mapping for it. however im having all kinds of annoyances trying to get traktor to actually recognise the controller. Ive tried the ableton "dumb" mode and stuff but still failing.

    any1 hit me up with a surefire way to get it working

    thanks in advance

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    Are you trying to get it to work with traktor or ableton? your title says traktor and in the message you say ableton. Either way I have the APC40 and am running ableton and b4 the KS4 came out i was using it with traktor as well. So i have used it in both. What software you want to use it with?
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    thanks for the reply

    im trying to get it to work with traktor

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    did you select it in the controller manager in/outs? or traktor doesn't see it there?

    try different usb ports if you have problems

    dumb mode and such doesn't affect detection but how the controller behaves

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    I wouldnt use it for traktor, is true that there are lots of good mapings for it, but i would use it with ableton, theres better DJ Templates for it like the DJ Marshall one.

    If you bought it only to DJ with traktor, i think there were loads better controllers for that to be honest.

    Its only my opinion, i used it for dj with ableton and its great, but for traktor there are better options.

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    I know it was designed for ableton and I know there are better traktor controllers, such as a VCI100 that I own. Some designed exclusively for traktor... But I've seen videos of peeps easily using the akai along with traktor and all I'm asking is for a little bit of advice to get mine working.

    I hope someone can help me out

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    i use the apc for traktor and for ableton without any flaws.

    So don't get me wrong here, i'll just make a list with the stuff you should do to make it work.

    -connect the apc and switch it on.

    -start ableton and close it after it is done with initializing, now all the lights on the apc should be off.
    (now the apc is in dumb mode)

    -then make sure that traktors controller settings are set correctly: device to apc and input as well as the output is set to the apc40.

    -have fun controlling traktor with your apc40.

    thats what i do and what works for me. hope it helps somewhat.
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    I use the APC40 and VCI100 together with Traktor.

    Its DEAD EASY!

    1) Find a mapping on this site (I use Derders mapping - 2 Deck control) ...there are others to try.
    2) Boot your laptop plug everything in and turn it on.
    3) Open Ableton. Move the faders on the APC40 till you see the red rectangle appear on the screen. Now its in dumb mode. Close Ableton.
    4) Open Traktor.
    5) Load the TSI for the APC40 mapping. The lights on the APC should now be in your face.


    I load the VCI TSI as well....then turn it into 4 deck mode and use it for Deck C and D.
    Then the APC is for deck A and B.

    Its fucking AWESOME!
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    i really appreciate the help here guys but none of this seems to work. the akai lights dont go out once ableton has initialised and moving the faders aint making a difference. the laptop and ableton know the apc is there but for sum reason it all aint working for me


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    Seems like traktor doesnt load well the mapping or something, did you tried another maping? That happened to me before, what i did was deleting every map i had there, close tracktor, download another map, load traktor, load that map, close traktor, open ableton and put akai on dumb mode, then open traktor again.You only need to do this first time, thats how it worked for me. I hope it helps. Be sure u have the map selected in traktor.

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