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    I'm a PC guy, and I'm trying to decide between the Vestax Spin and the Numark Mixtrack. Not having any gear, these two will come out about the same in price for at least the hardware. I'm leaning towards the Mixtrack due to it coming with Trakktor LE as opposed to having to pick something up to use with the Spin.

    I know the fan favorite here is the VCI-100, which I've been keeping an eye out for as well and will buy instead of either the Spin or the Mixtrack if the price is right, but I don't have a huge budget at this time.

    Any suggestions?

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    a lot of used vci's for sale in the for sale thread

    vestax spin i believe comes with a sound card as the mixtrack does not (the mixtrack pro will not be released for a couple of weeks)

    traktor is 50% off right now, so getting traktor pro for $120 is a sweet deal.


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    agreed, really good time to be looking for cut price high quality hardware. Buy as much as you can afford to now before prices rocket again, unless you're planning on getting the new Traktor S4 styley software when that comes out.
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    See, I was looking at Mixtrack + Audio2DJ or the Spin, which would both come out to about $250. But yeah, my eyes are looking at the used VCI's as well.

    So ideally a VCI 100, but if I had to go Mixtrack vs Spin?

    I mean if I went Mixtrack then I'd already have the soundcard should I upgrade to a VCI-100 down the line, but the Spin seems pretty nice as well. I'm truly 50-50 on these two.

    Any thoughts of the Mixtrack having cutoffs vs the Spin's slider EQ?

    BTW I should note I'm just getting into all of this. I don't come from a vinyl/CDJ background at all, so I'm looking for advice from those in the know.

    Thanks :-)

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    Bump and still looking for some advice on mixtrack vs spin here. Thanks guys!

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