Numark Cue problems
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    Default Numark Cue problems

    Since I got the Total Control, it said on the Numark site that I could get Cue for free. However whenever the registration window pops up, i put in the serial code, but it keeps saying it is invalid. I tried this with the DJIO I got too, and still invalid. All emails to Numark have been unanswered, so I have no where else to turn. Anyone know the format that the serial number is supposed to be in, or am I doing something wrong?

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    Don't know much about either of those. Have you registered the TC or DJIO?
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    Maybe they've both been registered. Where did you get your TC from? I know there's been a couple of people who have been having issues with stores trying to sell them opened items as brand new items. Maybe someone bought it, grabbed the serials, and then returned the item.

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    I got it from Guitar center, so im thinking maybe not. Whenever I registered them online, it didnt say anything about already being used

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    Default Djio / tc

    The Total Control normally comes with the CD. The free program is not the full version. Make sure when you enter the key that the letters and number are identical. The serial field is case sensitive.


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