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    Default Help Using Both Sound Cards

    Hey guys i had previously been using a vestax spin and internal sound card for my main outputs and headphone cueing. i recently picked up an audio 8 dj sound card with the 50% of tsp deal in hopes that i would be able to use both sound cards: the Audio 8 for main output and the spin for headphone cueing. im on a mac so i researched and went to the audio midi settings and created an aggregate sound card selecting both sound cards but when i go to traktor to use this new aggregate sound card it says that it is not connected when both the controller and audio 8 are connected. is there anyone that can help me?

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    try plugging the Audio 8 into the other USB port, or recreating the aggregate soundcard then opening traktor straight away.
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    why on gods green earth would you want to use the spin s/c when u have the audio 8?
    just use the headphone port on the front for cueing

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    The audio8 has 4 outputs. You don't need another soundcard mate
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