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    I've recently started on taking up live gigs (most of the stuff I've done is bedroom mixing). Seeing as I'm confident enough to take up live shows, I thought it would be smart to keep a log. It won't be "Day 3 of being a resident DJ of local club #8732" I can't get those shows (I'm too young :P and as much money is being offered, I won't play at the 17 and younger shows)! So, I've turned to playing concerts with other local Electronica artists, normally as an opening act.

    But starting next Friday (which isn't the best date due to a BOREGORE show [no, I'm not playing Dubstep] is the day after) is my first live gig, which I'm extremely excited for, seeing as I'm headlining it! Thats right, I am. I will be playing a small venue called Garfield Artworks in my area (Pittsburgh PA) with a number of other DJ's and Electronica acts. Currently, I'm running on almost the cheapest of the cheap equipment. Cheapest meaning an unmodified X-Session Pro (I have another one in the works 4 channels on the WIP one, along with two modded Korg Pads, this will all be enclosed into one case. All of these are going into Traktor pro, did I mention a soundcard?) and a 2008 Macbook. So as I begin to delve into the world of live performance, any suggestions?

    P.S. Expect my next post the day following the show. If you are in the Pittsburgh area, and you don't have anything to do that night, come on by! It will be fun!

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    Good luck!
    Chris Jennings FHP

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    Quote Originally Posted by photojojo View Post
    Good luck!
    Thanks! Digging the fact that you posted on my post in the NI forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phaserjunkie View Post
    So as I begin to delve into the world of live performance, any suggestions?
    Yep, read these:

    And have fun
    SC | MC

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    Ahh, I've read those before. I was simply asking if anyone had any other insight.

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