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    and thats why i dont have pets, gluck with everything
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nosferatu View Post
    Dell Latitude D830 - TSP 1.26 No Probs whatsoever!
    +1 or the D630/14''. Should be possible to find 2nd hand for ~300-400GBP.

    I still have a D800 running great since 2003. It only needed a service for a clean-up and to replace the internal fans. Had a D630 for 3 years in my previous job - much better then my current lenovo T410 work-brick (hate it).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherlock Ohms View Post
    is the screen large enough?

    My last machine (lenovo 3000 N500) had a 15.6" screen, and I'm concerned about going smaller if it impacts useability.

    I find it great. Its a lcd led high def screen, bright n crisp. whole thing only weighs 2.2kg! my last was a 15.6 screen and that was a mission to lug around and the 13" mac did not appeal to me as was to small. This fits the bill and I beleive there is only a few laptops around this size.

    Got mine from COMET. If you check for discount codes online can knock another 20 off.

    Great for an i3 proccessor and 64bit windows 7 with 3 gig ram but I;m upgrading to 8gig in the near future. should do me fine for a long time
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