cheapest minimal latency, 2 in 2 out soundcard?
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    Default cheapest minimal latency, 2 in 2 out soundcard?

    looking for something comparable to the Behringer UCA222, just want to use to route my aux send on my mixer back into ableton for the fx.
    i tried to be cheap and use my laptops stock soundcard but the sound was shit and latency was really noticeable. just need something to hold me over til after the new year when i can sink some more money into something with higher quality

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    Honestly, just drop some cash on an Audio 4/8. I went with spending 120 bucks on some 'HI-FI' usb sound cards... Latency and sound was HORRID. I returned them the next day and got the Audio 4... I'm never looking back... Only forward to the 8 lol
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    Do you have firewire? I'm getting rid of my Audiofire 2 because I don't use the inputs anymore due to selling my maschine. I don't need a lot of cash for it. 100 euro ballpark is fine

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    It's my understanding that latency is more an OS/environment/driver issue but sometimes I piss myself so what do I know. Audio 4/8 are great choices...have used both and they are rock solid.

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