Could someone please recommend me a good ...
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    Default Could someone please recommend me a good ...

    Could someone kindly please recommend me a good set of turntables that are cheap-ish and just for playing about in my bedroom with ,

    I plan to just be playing minimal and a bit of tech-house on them. So i won't be scratching on them or anything.

    Just want bog standard one's that will do the job

    Thnx in advance

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    I started out not long ago on some stanton T.80's. Got em for 100.

    They were good to start out on, I got hooked quickly and wanted something better. So i went with the old cliche 1210 mk2's. I havent looked back, they have more than fulfilled my lust for good turntables.

    My biggest problem was trying to get rid of the old stantons. Took me a while but they finally went yesterday. For half the price I paid.
    You seriously cant give away anything thats not up to par with technics so you should find a good deal on some numarks/stantons on gumtree/craigs list/ebay.

    Imo, go for technics. Beg/borrow/save up for a good used pair. At the very least, you will be able to sell them for the amount you bought them for.

    At best, well, you'll find out when you own a pair
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    I am rockin a pair of Stanton's t.62Bs... Awesome with the right mats (or DIY printer paper under mats xD) and at 180 per NEW... It was the best deal I could find. OBVIOUSLY there are better ones, Wish I had more torque, but... In due time there will be some STR8s or above
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