Anyone in NH/VT area want to throw an event?
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    Default Anyone in NH/VT area want to throw an event?

    I just got an offer by a promoter for a new group operating out of springfield vermont that they could put together an electronic show if I can find the DJs.

    Thus i figured this would be a perfect place to look! just give a bit of info and your gear/maybe a demo mix and we could probably work something out! I have no idea whether there will be any pay or anything but it will be fun. The company is very fresh and is open to anything so we would not be cashing in hardcore but im sure if some promoting and etc can be done it could work out. This would be my first gig personally (aside house parties) so i'm pretty amped.

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    I have people. In the area. (Central MA/Burlington, VT area).

    No but seriously, if you're serious I have a few friends who have mix's that I could throw at you. DnB/House/Dubstep mostly. About 3 friends who actively spin enough for me to warrant you getting their tape's.

    PM me an email address (or set one up) and I'll mail your their mixes.

    (Unfortunately for me, I still have some practice I need to do, and gear to gather).
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    i am in andover MA, too far for me..;-(
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