FL Studio Vs. Maschine Vs. Ableton Live
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    Default FL Studio Vs. Maschine Vs. Ableton Live

    I've read the article and Ableton Live can be used for dj'ing. I kind of laugh at that unless you are using it as a slave or master in addition to Traktor. The reason I snicker is because of the lack of control in transition. Everything is perfectly in beat and the song's just fade over. At best you can slam on the one. Some of my friends go as far as to say real DJ's dont even use the X fade. I was like lolwhut?! But I kept my mouth shut. Do you guys agree with this statement? If not, do you think the other two software suites are better suited to compliment a dynamic DJ?

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    fl studio for djing? u must be smokeing crack

    Ableton is amazing for djing and can do pretty much anything you want
    and with max for live the only limits are your mind,you need it to bring traktor anywhre near it if you no what your doing,its just like any software there is a learning curve

    and tbh alot of djs dont use the x fader,i have gone pretty much stopped using it the past few months,its just prefrence

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    Yeah. Maybe. I just like the feel of decks.

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    i only use the x fader for scratching/transforming, and channel faders for mixing
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    Yeah, no X fader for me, all started because when I had decks the x fader broker on my mixer so I had to use volume faders.
    Made me realise how much more control you have with them, never went back!!

    Also Ableton is awesome for DJing, Sasha has been using it for years as well as a host of others. Personal preference IMO.
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    Cross faders, never liked them, probably never will
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    I only use the X Fader for cuts and transforms...scratching only.

    Else I use the Volume faders.

    You can use Live to DJ...MANY MANY guys do!
    Its real easy actually. Like Traktor, you need to do a little homework first.
    Warping the trax...laying out Cue's....etc.

    If you have a midi controller like the APC......its fucking awesome fun!

    I just like Traktor more.

    Would like to expand to Live WITH Traktor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxonemillionone View Post
    Some of my friends go as far as to say real DJ's dont even use the X fade. ?
    The only thing real DJs dont do, is tell people what real DJs do or dont do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karlos Santos View Post
    The only thing real DJs dont do, is tell people what real DJs do or dont do.
    i knew this site was bunk. a real DJ would not offer any good advise on a forum.

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    According to my mental collection of "real" DJ quotes, ALL DJ's are fake.

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