At first I thought it was me. But I think there is an issue with the software cause I have always used traktor and I am very familiar with its core features.

Here is the senerio:
When you load a track into one of the decks and it plays it will play normal with out any problems.

But if you move certain controls on the Kontrol S4. The live deck will actually jump back to the load cue point. Usually it will only happen once but it has done it more than once on occasion.

I don't think its the Kontrol S4 but the software. Cause when I was using the software with out the controller to cue up some songs it jumped cues without me touching anything.

I wondering if its a issue with the cue points from the traktor scratch pro. Cause its treating some cues like there a loop cues randomly.

Because of this I not willing to take it out on a gig yet. I need to know it me and not the software. But from all indications is the software.

It also could be an issue with unplugging then plugging the Kontrol S4. don't really know.