Hi Everyone,

First post, name is Colin. I've been lurking on the forum for 2 days now. Bit of background, DJ'd a bit years ago with a pair of tables (mk3ds), mostly hip hop. Would like to get back into now since I have some free time (hello being a student again! )

For reference this is the gear I already own:
MacBook Pro 13''
Sennheiser HD280pro cans
M-Audio Fasttrack pro interface
korg nano kontrol
korg nano key
ipod touch 4g (use touchOSC mostly)
Behringer xenyx 802 mixer (for mic and nintendo)
Nintendo DS lite (use as a midi in: love the home brew community, plus the Korg MS10 emulator!)

gear in the works:
cheap electric guitar in the process to turn into a midi controller
midi arcade pad via this websites tutorial
chinese erhu midi controller

I'm really liking the idea of doing everything via software + controllers however I'm a bit skeptical. I feel like there's a the lack of auditory precision required with going full digital...however what I'm REALLY interested in is the creative food gate that opens at the same time.

So.. onto the noob questions.

1) I take it the Vestax vci-100 is the standard controller from everything I've read (not to be a dick but this site is sponsored by Vestax..right?). How does the Hercules MP3 E2 and Numark Total Control compare to it? Or the Omnicontrol? There is a used omni in a second hand shop here in town so I thought i'd ask.

2) I can't find any definitive compatibility tables for the M-Audio interface (fasttrack pro). I'd like to save money and buy a controller that doesn't have a sound card in it and run through my Maudio box, is this possible with all controllers and Traktor Pro?

3) I've tried out deckadance but haven't gotten around to the demo of Traktor, any huge differences between the two? I see that NI has a %50 off sale right now and am leaning towards Traktor Pro but want to keep my options open.

4) Last question, do any of the digital dj programs support MaxMSP directly? I haven't browsed the Max forums yet, thought I'd ask here first.

Sorry for all the questions guys! I'm looking forward to being apart of the community. I'm located in Old Town Edinburgh if anyone is in the area. First round's on me!