Firmware restriction on some buttons?
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    Default Firmware restriction on some buttons?

    Hey guys,

    I'm using Traktor Pro and I'm fairly new, but I'm finding the mapping process to be pretty interesting and fun. I've figured out the majority of the process but I'm wondering for other people out there not using dedicated DJ controllers, did you have issues mapping certain buttons?
    To be specific, on my Akai MPK 25, I can't seem to be able to map the entire middle range of buttons (i.e., PRESET, EDIT, GLOBAL, PREVIEW, PROGRAM CHANGE), which really sucks cause that's around 20 buttons I could be utilizing somehow When I press "Learn" and then press any of those buttons, nothing happens/Traktor doesn't register it. All of the other buttons/keys/modulators work great.
    Is this a firmware restriction? Is there someway to get around/hack through the restrictions on these buttons in order to use them in Traktor Pro?

    Thanks guys!

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    yeah, some buttons on controllers (dedicated or not) are used to switch 'midi pages' within the unit or change how a button outputs...

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