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    Default Mapping Help

    I just recently purchased the VCI 100 SE. I downloaded the latest firmware for osx-i run a mac and for some reason i cant get any mappings to work.

    Im new to Tracktor, im running the full version, not le.
    Help please, i need the basics in mapping the default settings. Cant seem to find any videos on this step by step process beginner process.

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    Use the big import button in preferences to load the tsi. Then set the VCI to the in/out ports when the VCI is selected in the controller manager.
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    Default still need help

    thanks for the tip but im still having issues.
    After i hit the big import button then set in/out preferences in vci after i close out is seems to not save settings.
    Also, these settings go to the keyboard of the computer and not to vci?!

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