20 bucks homemade MIDI-FIGHTERish controller
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    Default 20 bucks homemade MIDI-FIGHTERish controller

    Hello Y'all

    Here is a quick topic on something i discovered. It is a 18 buttons midi-fighter like controller that can be used to complete your VCI-100 for about 20 bucks.

    This is for the broke DJ that is begining and that don't need professional controller with legendary accuracy to control his cue points. It's really basic and let's face it, it looks kinda noob.

    Especially mine, that totally looks like a toy.


    - Red buttons 1 to 7 = Deck A Cue Points
    - Yellow buttons 1 to 7 = Deck B Cue Points
    - Green Buttons = Load Deck C and Play/Pause Deck C
    - Blue Buttons = Load Deck D and Play/Pause Deck D

    So what you do is that: go to your local electronic store. Buy a Numpad (aprox. tweny buck). Then cover your buttons with the controls you want (Cue point, Play/Pause, load, etc.) and map it to traktor in keyboard mapping.

    WARNING: Some buttons may not work for mapping (Exemple 0 and 00 buttons are both considered the same so you can just use 1 of them).

    After that, pimp it so nobody will suspect a numpad but a wierd hippy-style calculator.

    TRICK: To see it in the dark, add white stickers on the buttons and buy a wanna be black light at your local dollar store.

    For me, it is the perfect cheap add to my silver VCI to control a little bit more features such as playing samples on deck C/D and having a couple of Cue Points.

    Hope that helps other beginers DJ's on a tight budget.

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    regarding the color: just spin some reggae and dubstep and you're G2G

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    Nice and cheap! Like it!
    Why buy something, when you can build it yourself for the double cost?

    Check my project! DIY DJ Controller (gamepad PCB)

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    Been thinking of doing this with a bluetooth keyboard.

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    when I used traktor on a VCI-300 I would mapped my key board key rows to drop samples from decks C & D. This is not a bad idea for under 20 bucks.
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    i actually did that myself as an additional controller some years ago. i really like the idea when youre on a budget.
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