DJing live online? Suggestions?
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    Default DJing live online? Suggestions?

    Have any of you ever DJ'd live online through uStream or any other services? My laptop has a built in webcam which I could use, but I'm curious about audio inputs and such? I'm on a Mac btw.
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    I ran a few successful tests on ustream. Windows laptop + mini pc + logitech webcam from a few years ago, mixing externally.
    First attempt was routing one of the mixer's outputs to a separate pc which was a bit underpowered, so the realtime a/v encoding would drop out at regular intervals.
    Second attempt was all from the traktor laptop, with the mixer out plugged into the laptop's line in. Everything went fine.
    When broadcasting with ustream, you have a level control + separate audio/video quality sliders. You can choose to omit either from your stream completely IIRC.

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