Upgrading from Traktor LE
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    Default Upgrading from Traktor LE

    I asked in another thread about what version of Traktor to upgrade too and was told to go straight to pro. After a bit of reading this done seem like the logical step since Ean has kindly made a tsi file with SE settings for Pro.

    My question to you all is have you purchased your copy of Pro or have you *wink wink* acquired it from a source on the net?

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    Please use this thread if you want to discuss the morality and such of pirated software -

    Quote Originally Posted by eangolde View Post
    Talking about and debating the value of cracks and demo periods is healthy and may encourage the software folks to be more generous with their demos. I dont have any problem with those kinds of discussions.

    However, if people should ever start actually posting instructions or serials then that would certainly not be a good thing for our forum.

    Almost all the manufactures love this site as it provides a much needed place to learn about their products so I am not too concerned about our relations with them but we dont want to turn this into a hacker zone
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