VCI100 SE or S4?
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    Default VCI100 SE or S4?

    Hello all,
    I'm relatively new to the djing world, but I've been producing dubstep for a while now and I'd like to be able to start performing my own music in addition to normal dj sets.

    I've been lurking around DJTT for a few months, and I've familiarized myself with the demo version of traktor pro while using an oxygen 49 keyboard as a controller....and now and I've decided that it's time for me to invest in a more comprehensive controller.

    Originally I was drawn to the S4 for obvious reasons.
    It's pretty and it's just plain awesome.
    But the price tag is a little daunting.

    So recently I decided that I would compromise and go for a VCI100 SE.

    But upon further thinking I realized that in the end, it really may end up being the same price.

    The S4 is $900.

    Now for some math.

    VCI100 SE= $550
    Traktor LE to Traktor Pro Upgrade= $120
    (effective)Audio Interface=$200

    So, combined, that's gunna be right around $870 for the VCI.

    At this point, should I just bite the bullet and go for the S4?

    The pricing for the VCI is much more approachable but what really catches you off guard is all the extra money your going to have to spend.


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    Hmm, thats a very tough one. Personally, I would go for the VCI-100. Some things to think about:

    With the VCI-100 setup, you get a separate soundcard fromt he controller which you can use for other stuff. Also the VCI-100 has superb support from this site.

    It's up to you, but I would say that the VCI-100 is more geared towards effects and manipulation of the sound while the S4 is more geared towards the whole sample, looping, cue juggling thing, however having said that they are both good at everything so the choice is yours!

    Good luck!
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    if money is tight. I would get a used VCI-100 and an Audi 2 soundcard which is only 100 bucks (new).

    This guy was selling the whole package for 650.00 with an Audio 4. Just be patient for a deal. As more folks get S4's the more VCI-100's will come available. It can be done on a tight budget without spending 900 bucks.

    I will say though the S4 is worth the price.
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    The math tells the story if your looking to buy new, but you can get a whole VCI-100 setup for much less though if your patient.
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