Hi Guys,

I'm back on the board and this time I aim to stay! I've been away for a year doing hip hop beatmaking and I decided to finally buy a controller and learn to mix!

So I chose the BCD and will get a better controller once I need one!

I have used chefT's map with the standard jogwheel calibration added by another user!

All I have changed is the sync buttons turn FX unit 1 on and off on either deck and you turn the FX unit 2 on and off in SHIFT mode using cue A and cue B buttons!

Also Set cue is Jump to cue so it works like a cue play on either deck and set loop is loop in/set cue and reloop is loop out! This way I have found is the best for doing freestyle controllerism if you get my drift?

I have not worked out how to make it so when using shift or secondary mode that the LEDs then sync with the controls they are controlling instead of having the same lit function the whole time!

Let me know what you think guys!

Obviously if chefT didnt add this to his map then there is no way in hell I'm going to be able to!