Hey guys I'm definitely looking to get more into to making more of my own loops now that the S4 has made it so easy to play with loops and samples. I've used my Maschine more in the past 2 weeks then my S4, I love dragging and dropping my own drum loops into S4. I want to be able to make my own synth loops and keyboard loops now. I was looking into Komplete 7 and figured that it might be overkill for me. I could be wrong but a lot of that really seems geared towards sound design and I want something that I can just fireup and play. I'd been checking out the MicroKorg XL and it seems like it has a lot to offer. Can anyone offer any insight on it. If I made something that I wanted to record from the XL what's the best way to do it. Is it possible to route through Maschine and record my groove into that through midi?