Mixtrack slight remapping for Traktor Pro
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    Default Mixtrack slight remapping for Traktor Pro

    Hey everybody!

    I did a little remapping of my beloved Mixtrack (until my arcade buttons come in from China and I build my proper mega-controller )

    I removed the 3 eq kills on each side and set up the jog wheel to enable and change the parameter of chained effect 2. The leftmost eq kill (bass) resets the LFO, for those sorts of effects, and lights up when effect 2 is on. I just did that because I wanted it within easy reach, no matter which side I was working on, it could be changed to whatever as well, I was debating an LFO Reset/Quantize toggle, but I didn't wanna get confused as to which was which. The other two kills cycle backwards and forwards through the available effects. If you're not on scratch mode, pressing on the jog wheel turns the effect on, and spinning it spins the knob for that effect. I found it really useful to do for beatmasher-type stuff that you don't want to go on for too long (since it's activated by hold). It can be easily altered to be a toggle type on the jog wheel to keep the effect on as well. Just change the appropriate button to the appropriate type. I also made the wheel be 150% sensitivity, because experimentally it worked best that way for me. Again, change to your liking.

    If someone is interested, I attached the TSI here. If you guys have any other suggestions, I more than welcome them! I'm still trying to learn to get the most out of custom mappings (my axiom 25 is waiting for me at home to have cool stuff done with it), so I'll take anything you have to say, good or bad!

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    running scatch pro 2.03, using a Numark MixTrack Pro,
    this tsi does nothing for me and makes my mixer off and 'dumb'.
    tried in xp and win7 on 2 different computers

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