Maschine Fighter - Deckalized MF mapping for Maschine
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    Default Maschine Fighter - Deckalized MF mapping for Maschine

    I converted the deckalized version for use on my machine. It was tedious but I converted the Deck B to midi channel 4 and assigned it to Group B for Deck B to allow easy change of decks.

    Group A = Deck A
    Group B = Deck B

    I started a Group C for dedicated hot cues but have not assigned them in the TSI yet. Will leave that for you if you decide you like.

    In addition I have assigned controls for internal mixing in case a proper DJ mixer is not available.

    Props to DJTT for creating the original mapping of course.

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    it didn't work.. did i do something wrong?
    i loaded the ncm file in the controller editor and loaded the tsi in traktor pro
    deleted al the midi fighter, vci 100 and X1 settings and set the midi in and output to maschine.
    but it didn't work
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    hmm strange. make sure you have maschine set to midi and that the correct template is loaded. also, make sure you are only using Group A for deck A and Group B for Deck B.

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    @ david west sorry mate can you change the soundcloud player in your sig to a regular hyprlink plase ... cheers
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    downloaded last night and played around with it for about 30 minutes. LOVE IT!

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    ya its not working for me to i can only browse

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