Hey guys!

I just discovered this site yesterday while looking for some DJ resources for beginner DJ's and stumbled upon "controllerism". I have to say after seeing some videos I'm really excited to try it out. However I have a problem...I already have a Torq Xponent and from what I can see, the majority of you guys are using Traktor Pro with a Vestax VCI-100. I have two options though:

Option 1: Sell my Xponent for $480 and add an aditional $180 in cash. I found a criagslist listing for a silver VCI-100 for $300. I would just need to purchase Traktor Pro ($115 w/ 50% off on their site right now) and an Audio 2 DJ ($99) and mod it myself to make it a VCI-100SE.

Option 2: I keep my Torq Xponent and find a way to make it for with Traktor Pro and just purchase Traktor Pro instead.

I'm not too familiar with MIDI mapping and stuff like that so I was leaning more towards option 1, but that would depend on whether I sell my Xponent or not. I also don't know if modding the VCI-100 is easy enough (however I'm sure I can follow video instructions).

So what do you guys think? Thanks for the help.


p.s. sorry if you guys have anything against newbies posting stuff.