Hey guys!
Right, basically I'm moving from the UK to switzerland for five months to do a ski season (I'm pretty stoked!).
At the moment I use a launchpad, nanokontrole and an audio2 to dj with, but was considering upgrading to the audio 4 with traktor scratch duo before the offer runs out.
I'm thinking of just using the sound card as an upgrade while I'm out there and then when I get back buying my self a set of turntables and giving the time code a go.
The other option is, I wait until I get back and for the presumed new traktor and buy that instead?
What's everyones opinions? Buy scratch duo with the audio 4 or wait until I'm back from switzerland and see if traktor has released anything new?
Also this is my first proper post, I've been lurking on here for years reading and learning off you guys so figured I should get round to posting at some point!