New pc for traktor s4
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    Default New pc for traktor s4

    hi guys, first post here on djtechtools

    i got a good offer on a 13" asus computer.

    but i wonder if the specs are good enough for use with the traktor s4 controller.

    the computer is a:

    ASUS UL30A 13,3" WXGA

    Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 / 1.3 GHz

    4 gb ram

    this is what is relevant for using the traktor s4 i guess.

    but on native-instruments page it says the user req are intel core 2 duo 1,8 ghz...

    do you guys think this computer will run fine or should i go for a little better cpu. good price on thou:/ (dont have the s4 yet)

    Cheers for all replays


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    1.3 GHz is pretty slow by today's standards, I'd look for something a little faster. As you say, towards 2Ghz.
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    Someone will tell you that they run traktor on less but i say that you will be heading for a world of hurt if you dont have 2.0 or above.

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    also, your computer is your music and your software. Don't go cheap on the computer. You can play all night with out an S4, but you'll hating life if your computer fails you.
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    Default Agree

    Jepp, I think ill wait then i got a 17" now, but its made for 3d modeling. and a bit heavy to use when im playing in smaler clubs, i use it with a hercules rmx and works great

    Thx for fast replays!

    Cant wait to get hold of the S4, more pro with Traktor Software then Virtual DJ

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    I'm using a 1.6 ghz and it's not fast enough - definitely get 2 ghz minimum!

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