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    Question lock decks!

    helo every one on this great forum, I'm a hobbi DJ and i love everthing that has to see with DJ, i like the idea to get a kontrol s4, i have a question, does it lock the 2 deck and also the samples deck at the same tempo? so it means, i have a track at 130(as master) bpm and a loop or sample, and I have a track at 96 bmp(syscronized, so it is playing at 130 as well)in the second deck, if i want to bring the tempo down from 130 to 96 bpm, just adjusting the tempo on the secund deck, the tempo at the first deck will also decrease it tempo?(without have to adjust it manually).
    in other words a feature that lock the tempo of all deck, (usally 2), so if a adjust the tempo on one deck, it adjust the rest of the track as well.
    I hope u understand what I'm trying to say.
    thanks in advance and let me tell everyone something,! verry pround to be a member of this fantastic site.

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    welcome to the forums
    i cant answer your question as i dont have my S4 YET,
    but im sure one of the bigger boys will be able to help you out with an answer

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    As long as you have Sync pressed and you move the tempo fader on the Master deck - or the Master clock then yes, both tempo's move together.
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    thanks guys, i got it. after your help i finally found the way to do it.
    Thanks again.

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