Starting a net label or promotional organization
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    Default Starting a net label or promotional organization

    I run a pretty successful blog in which I promote a lot of artists, both underground and mainstream. I've been interested in taking it to the "next level." I'm just curious if there's anyone one here who is interested in a venture like that? Any tips or suggestions perhaps?
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    Commission some talent to contribute to a compilation. Press it.

    No one outside of Paris would know or care about Kitsune Maison if it weren't for their comps. Scion would have never sold the DJ CAR without theirs. The list goes on.

    I love compilations, even if every other DJ will be playing a few tracks off of them as well.

    Throw a big party or start a club night. Next-levelness is, like, only half a level away.

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    Hey dude!

    Id be happy to help....whats your definition of the 'next level'

    And what type of music do you write about on your blog?

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