Need Some Help with Setup
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    Default Need Some Help with Setup

    I am looking for guidance regarding my setup. First let me tell you what I have

    1) Traktor Kontrol S4 (still waiting to get)
    2) Traktor Scratch Pro
    3) AUDIO 8 DJ
    4) Numark TT200 Turntable (I am looking for another one)
    5) Mac and PC

    So now what? Is there a way to for the Audio 8 and the Kontrol S4 to work together? Will I need another mixer for the turntable or can I use the S4?

    The S4 will be the hub and the primary thing I use but I would love to figure out how to use the rest of the equipment.


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    ofc you can use the audio 8 with the s4, just put it as the soundcard in the audio setup :l

    im not sure about it, but you could try if you can run the tts as dvs, using the s4 for 2 decks and the tts for the other two, if you really want to use tts. if this works, you wont need external mixer, because you can use the internal mixer via the s4.

    i believe its possible, i remember a dude at our local club using dvs + a hercules controller for loops+fx

    edit: after some google working im pretty sure it works. unfortunately the stuff i checked is in german.

    but it should be as simple as:

    -plug your s4
    -plug your audio8
    -set your audio output onto the audio8
    -set audio in onto the audio 8
    -cofigure timecode

    that should be it.

    ofc its kinda doubledouble, as the s4 is already a 4 deck controller, but if you want the tts for the looks.. ''go get it girl''
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