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    Hi, does anyone have a basic TSI for the X-Session Pro for use purely as a mixer to go with my X1 and TP mixing internally with an Audio2DJ. I only want a traditional mixer controls ie crossfader, channel faders, pitch, headphone cue, EQ and volume. I will use the X1 for filters, loops, transport controls, etc. I will also add in another control surface to scratch with on one deck later. All advice gratefully acepted.

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    Not trying to sound like a douche, but that is something you can easily map yourself. Do a little reading around DJTT, and watch some YouTube videos on mapping. Also the TPro manual explains mapping. What you want to do is so simple, you will have it done in no time

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    I really doubt this is in the correct section dude.

    Either way, this is something you should be able to do yourself. The x session has a nice layout so you don't really have to be overly creative if you don't want to and it's all pretty obvious when it comes to mapping it.

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