SCS3 LED dance Traktor Pro
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    Default SCS3 LED dance Traktor Pro

    I stumbled into this while messing with my custom map. This map is real deep to explain it all so mess with it and see what you find. There are controls for almost every aspect of Tpro including library browsing/loading, recording, pan, key, fx preloads, 4 fx units, snap/quantize on off

    It's pretty legit for stumbling into it. I added beat phase output to where phase monitor output was, then swapped deck control for vinyl 1 mode so you can watch the LED dance while scratching. You're physically scratching on the opposite deck than what's being displayed on traktor, but you're seeing the LED rotate in relation to placement on track.

    What do you guy's think?
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    PS I was not attempting any mixing or scratching, I was simply showing you what I had mapped out.

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    Thumbs up Quite interesting ...nice mapping!

    I know this is 4 years to the date, but I am wondering if this will work
    with the current version of Traktor? 2.5 or are we at 2.6 now, I forget :+)

    It's so few and far inbetween to find a .tsi esp one with browsing.

    I actually love using the SCS3d and never understood why it never truly
    took off. Esp with all the LED feedback.

    Interestingly enough MIXX software comes out the gate fully with the best
    support for it. I wish Stanton had made it comparable to the depth it had
    for a free program as MiXX to go with out paid programs such as Traktor
    and the others.

    Anyways, it's great to see people like you that have taken the time to do such.

    Even if this does not work with the current version of Traktor, I still would like
    to give some great great props to you.

    cheers from the Big Apple...

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