VCI-100SE DJTT Mapping Changelog
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    Default VCI-100SE DJTT Mapping Changelog

    Thanks to the help of forum member No Left Turn, we now have a changelog of all the past versions of Dj Techtools' VCI-100SE mapping for Traktor Pro. I try to update this post once I have the chance to dig through some of my notes from the older mappings, but it is already pretty thorough.

    For now it should be helpful as at least a reference to older versions of the mappings (which people often ask about). However, please note that all mappings prior to 3.6 were designed for the VCI-100 FW 1.3 or below. They could be used with FW 1.4 if you edited the mappings though. If you would like to see the midi signals that changed between FW1.3 and FW1.4, please download the latest mapping and look at the last page of the Walkthrough PDF.

    DJTT VCI-100SE Mapping Changelog:

    VCI-100SE 3.6.4

    Added support for the high res faders and jogs in firmware 1.4
    Changed back original Play/Pause functionality. Use Shift + Play to "Re-Play".
    Changed back the chained FX presets in the effect section (4 knobs and buttons) to old style
    Shift + FX Preset 1 now turns on/off the Audio Recorder
    Shift + Gain knob makes Gain have soft takeover
    Shift + Headphone level controls Master Volume
    Fixed Key knob functionality (Shift + Filter)
    Made 2 tsi versions to fix incompatibility issues (FW 1.3 & FW 1.4). Note: FW 1.4 version will still work with older firmwares.
    Other minor bug fixes
    Updated walk through pdf to match mapping changes

    VCI-100SE 3.6.3

    Added support for the high res faders and jogs in firmware 1.4
    Changed Play to "Re-Play" - Use Shift + Play to Play/Pause.
    FX preset #4 is improved
    simplified the FX presets in the effect section (4 knobs and buttons)
    Removed outside pitch bend in CD-JOG mode (use this mode in vibration heavy clubs)
    Modified the delay parameters of the ECHO function
    Pitch Bend sensitivity increased

    VCI-100SE 3.5.2

    The following bugs have been fixed since 3_5_1:

    Outer Jog Wheel now controls Tempo Bend in Fader FX Mode
    Outer Jog Wheel now controls Tempo Bend while holding SLICE/ECHO buttons
    When holding SLICE/ECHO, only the jog wheel of the Deck you press the SLICE/ECHO button on will control the SLICE/ECHO parameters.
    Modifier3 would get stuck if you were holding Shift and one of the Bottom4 buttons and released Shift first.
    When copying layered decks (A->C or B->D) the volume of the copied deck (C/D) defaults to zero now to avoid the volume jump.
    In Fader FX mode w/Scratch off the Right deck, spinning the jog wheel quickly would turn on FX2 Effect1 but not release it, now it does.

    The following features have been added since 3_5_1:

    Shift+Filter = Key Control
    Shift+Slice = Slice Toggled On
    Shift+Echo = Echo Freeze (aka Echo+Feedback) Toggled On
    Shift+FX Preset 1 = Cruise Mode
    Shift+FX Preset 2 = Tree Browser Up
    Shift+FX Preset 3 = Tree Browser Down
    Shift+FX Preset 4 = Tree Browser Expand/Collapse

    VCI-100SE 3.5.1

    Fixed SLICE and ECHO to set FX 3 & 4 to correct FX types and panel modes.
    Fixed a bug with the jog wheel scratch functionality
    Fixed a sampler + juggle mode bug where cues 1/5 would set FX3 to 100% wet
    Included GUI Layout in this tsi for new users
    Fixed a bug where Fader FX would get stuck
    Fixed a bug where Juggle would stick
    Fixed a bug where the pitch would drop dramatically
    Changed FX preset #4 to match the recent video.
    Fixed a bug where the LEDs would stick in the first 2 times traktor was run.

    VCI-100SE 3.4

    Improved the Pitch bend Performance
    Fixed the Jog Wheel scratch bug
    Improved Fader FX presets 3,4
    Includes a version of the TSI that fixes the FX routing Glitch

    VCI-100SE 3.3

    Version 3.3 was updated to 3.4.

    VCI-100SE 3.1

    Pressing Slice no longer lights up Sampler button
    Sampler is functional on all decks (used to work only on some and would freeze at certain times)
    Sampler no longer leaves headphones on after using
    FX3 is now un-routed from Decks using Sampler after Sampler turned off
    Headphones only turn on decks A/B prior to initializing sampler, not C/D (strange?)
    Shift + Jogwheel Stores Cue Points (with Scratch on and off)
    remove for Scratch on?
    Button B for FX Bank 2 did not work (activate/de-activate). Fixed to toggle.
    Snap Setting added: Shift + Juggle 1-4 button
    Quantize Setting added: Shift + Juggle 5-8 button
    When Browsing using “List” buttons, cursor automatically goes to Search menu (for easy typing)
    When exiting the Browse menu, the Search menu is cleared
    Echo button (G3) turns on delay but did not route FX4 to Deck D, FIXED.
    FX Preset LEDs go on once that FX preset is loaded to an FX bank (except FX Preset 4, light always stays on due to non-chained effect.
    Going from Juggle 5-8 mode to Juggle 1-4 mode didn't work (simply turned off Jugg 5-8). FIXED.
    When using Echo button on Decks B/D, it toggled delay and FX routing onto deck instead of holding. FIXED.
    For Decks A/C, in Juggle Modes 1-4 & 5-8, Juggle button 1 & 5 turned on FX3:Slicer in addition to juggle functions. FIXED.
    Cue Buttons LEDs now light up when holding Cue (formerly only Deck B worked)
    With Slice button effect, now only Style and Pattern go to default upon button press. Buzz now remains unchanged from past value.
    In “Loops” Bank, Pressing Button A did not sync Deck A to master tempo. FIXED.
    Sync Button for Deck C used to only light up if used as master, now it lights up as sync slave too. However, Sync for B/D only light up as Masters, not as slaves.
    Volume Fader functionality added for all decks when holding “Slice” button
    In Fader FX mode for FX2, jog wheel controls Advanced Dry/Wet with Scratch on or off (only worked if Scratch on before).
    Headphone monitor mix knob had inverted functionality. Fixed so now knob and on on screen mix track together.
    Changed the Rotary sensitivity on “Jog Scratch + Tempo Bend” to be equal on all decks (69%). Before A/C were at 78%.
    Crossfader controlled Dry/Wet for non-Chained effects. Fixed.
    Deck C Filter On setting was set to the modifier for Deck D. Fixed.
    If in Fader FX mode and then use Slice/Echo, it will revert to Fader FX mode now. This only works if Deck D is not active throughout the process.

    VCI-100SE 3.0

    Version 3.0 was updated to 3.1.

    VCI-100SE 2.4 & 2.5
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    which version had the eq fx, its none of these-there must be older ones or something missed

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    version 2_2 is not listed please add link

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