syncing two laptops traktor. hodge podge setup
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    Default syncing two laptops traktor. hodge podge setup

    ok so we both have traktor pro. Me on a windows lappy buddy on a mac. He has a Novation 25sl mkII and i have a PHONIC USB MIDI hub.

    im channel A OUT to his channel 1 IN

    What do i put for CLOCK MASTER, internal i imagine.

    When i hit the play pause it lights up but i cant get sync to light up.

    I think we had it at one point working, but were not sure.

    is there a sure fire way for us to test if hes receiving?

    Is our hardware setup even feasible?

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    read the manual...

    sync in master clock doesnt light up, you press it to reset the data being sent. did you adjust the offsets etc?
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