Sample buttons controlling hotcue 5-8 on 1 side only?
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    Default Sample buttons controlling hotcue 5-8 on 1 side only?

    Hi all, just getting this amazing device figured out. My setup is essentially 3 decks for tracks and a sample deck. I saw in preferences you can switch the sample buttons to control hotcue's 5-8. But it seems global. Is there a way to set it so that it controls HotCues 5-8 on decks A/C (both are "track decks") and then control the samples like the default on decks B/D (Deck D is set as the sample deck)?

    I know this would only allow me the 4 hotcue points for deck B but thats ok, if I can control the samples on that side for deck D.

    Ive been Djing with an APC40 for the last few months and got used to using 3 decks as per my setup there. But still need some samples too so this would be very useful if it would work. And really could use the 8 hotcue points on the left side for beat juggling and such, I just want to avoid having to add another piece of gear. Thanks!

    -DJ J Naykid (from Mal-Mart)

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    unless you're using a custom mapping, I think you can't. You can have a third track deck and a sample deck of course, your three track decks using all hotcues but you won't be able to control sample deck D from deck B layer.
    Considering you'll have to switch layers to control deck C anyway, is it really much of an issue to switch from layer B to D to control your sample deck too?

    Personal note: it would have been great to have included the option for hotcues within the 'auto' mode for sample play buttons.

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