Stealth/Omni Mapping 4 Deck Control
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    Default Stealth/Omni Mapping 4 Deck Control For TPro

    Instead of Hi-Jacking someone elses thread I thought I would post my own. This is my Mapping for the Stealth control for use with 4 decks. I believe the mapping works with the Omni control aswell. The mapping is detailed below, its a bit long i know but give it a try and if you have any problems hit me up with a PM here or add me on skype: elliot.alderson and i can help you out.
    Find the TSI attached.

    The two important buttons in the mapping are the shift buttons. They are the "KEY" buttons on bothe sides. The left "KEY"
    button changes the controller to control decks C/D. The "KEY" button on the right side of the controller changes control of
    the FX from banks 1/2 to 3/4. The other Shift key is the "Directory" button situated in the middle of hte controller. This allows you
    to change certain things but also still functions as it normally would for browsing through your collection.

    The EQ's are the same as usual. Control of deck A/B without left shift key enabled and deck C/D control with enabled. The top
    gain control is actually the filter. To turn the filter on and off it is actually the button situated under "FX AMNT". If you
    want to access the Gain function press the "Directory" button then you will be able to adjust the gain. Master Vol, PH Mix and
    PH Vol function in the normal way.

    The Pitch faders are now volume for decks C/D with the LED next to them flashing to the BPM of the track. Other faders function
    as normal.

    Play and cue both function as normal however the Set Cue button doesnt do anything as of just now as i am going to use it for
    dedicated fx presets at some point.

    The jog wheels seek through the tracks ONLY while the track is paused to minimise accidental nudges whilst playing.

    The sync buttons function as normal but now flash to the BPM of the track.

    PFL acts as normal.

    Loading the tracks is as normal, although pushing the encoder in does not preview the track as i do not use this.

    The "Loop In" Button starts the loop. The Pitch bend buttons above increase and decrease the size of the loop. To then Loop out
    you press the "Loop In" button again. I have not got the "Loop Out" button mapped yet as i dont have a use for it yet.

    Now the Effects!!!!
    You must have Banks 1/2 set to chained and 3/4 set to Advanced as this is how I have it set up.
    The respective buttons and knobs turn on and off effects and adjust the amount.

    Now to change the effects that are set you must press the "Directory" button and now the knobs can change the respective effects
    that are set to that bank.

    To change the Effects banks that are currently active on decks A/B initiate the right "KEY" button and the "Directory" button and
    now the effects buttons will enable/disable the effects banks assigned to that deck.

    Easiest thing to remember is right "Key" button changes to deck C/D control, the right "Key" button changes effects banks, and the
    directory button allows you to change settings.

    I dont think I have missed anything out. If I have or you need help with anything else just give me a shout here. Or if you have
    Skype I can explain things over that as it may be easier.

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