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    Default CDJ1000 or 850?

    am i better off getting the new cdj850 over the 1000 used? theres so many different versions and mk#'s i have no clue what i am looking at. Does the 850 do the loop roll when you drag the jog wheel back while looping ? I may have to just get one cdj and use a turntable for a while until i can find another. mixing wouldn't be a problem using a 1200 and a cdj together would it?

    thanks in advance

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    there's no reason why you can't use a cdj and a 1210 together

    As for a 1000 over an 850, the 850 looks to me to be an updated version of the 800 with USB support, the 800 could do loop rolls by shortening the loop length with the jog wheel (if that's what they are called) so I can't see why you couldn't do that on an 850, the transport mechanisms look the same.

    In terms of the 850 over a second hand 1000....both will be very similar in normal usage, use one and you will be able to use the other, so in terms of which is best if you want to play out, both will serve you well, the 850 looks like it has some neat upgrades from an 800 so it depends which 1000 you were going to get, tbh.

    Personally I think the 850 looks great and shares enough features with a 900 or the 2000 that you could use those too if you had used an 850.
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    the only thing that really differentiates the two is:

    CDJ 1000MK3:

    -has hotcues
    -has jog wheel adjust
    -has SD card slot
    -has digital output
    -looks sexy in black

    *note this is specifically for the MK3, any version lower than this would most liekyl not be able to compare to the 850.

    -no usb
    -no rekordbox compatibility
    -cannot be used as a midi/HID device
    -cannot read aac, and other file formats *I can't remember off the top of my head*
    -no auto-loop

    CDJ 850:

    -USB input for thumb drive, hard drive, etc.
    -USB output for Midi/HID use with software.
    -Rekordbox compatible, to display waveforms and other info about a track when playing it back on the unit.
    -auto-loop *although it is not quantized*
    -I believe you can do the loop roll, because my unit has the option to adjust the loop in and make it smaller, but I just got mine not so long ago, and haven't been able to test it out, due to exams.
    -Can play a wider range of music formats including AAC, and WAV from the USB.

    -no jog wheel tensions adjust.
    -loops are not quantized.
    -no link function (i.e. cdj 900/2000)
    -no slip mode (cdj 900)
    -not yet supported by any software for HID use.
    -doesn't look as sexy in silver *IMO
    -no digital output (this really only matters if you can afford a mixer that has digital inputs)

    SO in short, i'd say you're better off to get the 850, although the cdj 1000MK3 isn't bad if all you want to do is use it with CD. But if you think you would benefit from having the waveforms from rekordbox and maybe use Midi. the 850 wins hands-down.
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    850 easily, current model. usb connectivity alone would be enough to sway me

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