So i've given myself time and i think im ready to thrown down on some gear. I'm really liking the s4, but I would want to mix dubstep with it and was wondering how well that would work. But I also think i might want to get into production instead.

I know both of these are very difficult but i have a ton of time to teach myself. My question is what do you guys think I should get if i know i would want to produce a bit (or at least try) and maybe either learn to mix as well. The s4 wont help with ableton (i have a copy of this) so I was thinking bout getting an APC40 and possibly an s4 later if necessary. Would producing and mixing be too difficult to learn at the same time?

What I'm trying to achieve is pretty much this type of music (sorry bad video but its the only good live one)

sampling older songs and dubstep kind of stuff. how do they actually do that? is that with ableton? how would ableton actually work live??

sorry i just have a lot of questions.