Alright, what i am looking for is for a controller that is very reliable and robust (which i have heard about the S4, trust me, I was reading every review and preview possible!) but still easy enough to be able to learn at my low skill level. I'm not saying I'm a first timer, I've done a party here and there, tried my hand at mashups (I'd rather not share), and this style of learning has been going on for about 2 years but I wan't to make this hobby into something I can not necessarily make a lavish life off of but as a way to make money on the side and be proud of what i am doing. Sorry for getting side tracked but this is what i want and don't want in a controller/software
1)Up to date and compatible with most midi devices
2) To work with my Kaossilator(Been my fun jam for years!)
3) Something that won't break or need to get sold for a better model
4) Allows for expansion into other styles of music

Don't Want:
1) A controller much bigger than the rest of my set-up( I don't like being flashy)
2) Sticky jog-wheels (Can't loosen)
3) Unnecessary features

Sorry for such a long post but I felt like making it so long since then I couldn't forget anything and have everything in one place, Thanks DJTT!