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    Default Organizing Music - twist?

    So. I've gone through all of my music, and I have a fairly simple system I had been using. I just bought 38 tracks off Beatport today, and in doing so, I realized that even though my organization is simple, it's a tad messy.

    I have about 18 gig worth of music that I've collected over the past few years. About 8 of that is Dubstep. The rest is a mix of a bunch of different tunes that one point or another I enjoyed, so I bought.

    Right now I have my music like this:

    >DRUM & BASS

    Generally when I buy or find a track on a blog, I throw it immediately into the "NOT ORGANIZED" folder. That allows me to go back at my leisure and edit the filename, make sure all the ID3 tags are correct, and clear any comments on the track. Then I move it into the appropriate genre folder.

    But right now I'm running into the problem that I have too many Dubstep tracks to make it "easily" navigable. I guess I have a lot of stuff I enjoy for listening purposes, but not stuff that would really be something to "play out" if you will. A lot of it is older, and therefor I want to keep it, but it's not stuff I'd really keep on my list of "will play" if you know what I mean.

    Right now I'm thinking about splitting my Dubstep tracks into two seperate folders, and having a "will play" and a "archive" almost. Thoughts?

    I've also thought about going through and moving tracks into folders by release date. While a lot more work, it could be viable. Doing like 4 month periods in one folder. Thoughts on this?

    Anyone else run into this? What have you come up with for solutions?
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    a year later an this post finally gets an answer...

    not that i have the ultimate solution, but as far as dubstep this is what i do.

    i usually start a folder for every 3 month period (every quarter) and place a "new arrivals" folder inside of that of content that needs to be processed. since all my dubstep is in the dubstep quarter folder, in traktor i typically write over the genre and break it down to a bunch of subgenres i've made up in my head. i use an HS tag (usually accompanied by a number 1,2 or 3 to signify how minimal it is) to signify "heavystep"... more of the dungeon sound like tunnidge, distance and the deep medi gang. i use Wob for the wobble shit like badklaat, Snipaz, Megalodon, requake etc. ES for Epicstep... trance oriented shit like feed me or whatever...shit with vocals... although that usually gets no play. I use GS as groovestep... typically any dubstep track that has some sort of melodic influence in the synth line that makes it unlike your typical dubstep track. BS = brostep. a general Dubstep tag is typically reserved for the standard issue dubstep tracks.. SPL, Habstrakt, newer Benga tracks, Skream, Hench crew etc. I started using "Bass" just recently to differentiate that west coast swag like on glitch hop tracks and street bass like DNAEbeats.
    If i come across a track that fits into two categories or progressively floats into another, i'll use what i feel is the majority of the track as the first tag and then use a "/" followed by the second tag. example: HS / Wob

    I know this might be overkill, might be too tedious or over thinking but it works for me. In traktor i typically go even farther and give them a star rating based on how energetic the track is. I guess in Serato you could do the same with colors. i'll even use the comments for things like "heavy," "dark," "nice intro," "good starter." I'll even use comment fields to put in things like "gangsta" if the track has rap samples like on Ill Bill's "Diamonds in My Mouf" or Jakes "Gold Chain" cuz to me those really set a mood when you're mixing. I'll use "rasta" if it's got a reggae swing. "vox" if it has vocals. "grime" if it has a someone lyrical over it.

    Like i said it works for me... i'm always looking for even more organizational tools and ways to get creative with it. probably cuz i took too much ecstasy way back in the day... but my memory is total shit so i need this type of categorization. with the amount of track i have, i just can't remember them all, especially with the frequency of good stuff coming out every week.

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