We are fortunate enough to be touring South America at the moment, with our motorcycles.

Started the tour in Canada, going all the way down to Argentina.

So far, we have played in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua to name a few.

Currently we're in Colombia, and we have found the need for a dedicated person/company to handle the bookings.

Is there anyone that has had a similar issue, where they needed to find a 3rd party to contact the club owners in advance, in order to either:
- book the event (fantastic !)
- book a meeting with the owner of the club (almost as fantastic as above, as well)

Would you hire an agent/company, or an enthusiastic student?

Which options have worked for you, when you're on a low budget?

Thanks in advance for all ideas and real-life comments.

Cheers !

DJ duo Burinata

We do need to find a dedicated person who would book the next gig for us.
For example, he/she would contact the clubs in the cities that we will be visiting. Job requirements would be:
  • make phone calls / send emails to get the contact info of the right person (the owner / marketing director / talent buyer or the resident DJ)
  • send our info to them
  • call them again, if they are busy -which happens to be the case for almost all club owners in Latin America, they just can't manage their time-
  • research music festivals in the Latin American countries, in an effort to be on the line-up

The ultimate goal here is:
To book an event, before we get to that city.

The secondary goal is:
To book a meeting with the right person, so that we can persuade him. Face-to-face meeting seems to be a *must* to confirm the booking.

Our advantage is that, these folks never pay a dime for our transportation, no plane tickets, nothing. We're already here in Latin America, and we can get virtually anywhere we want with our motorcycles.

As we're from Canada, we are an international DJ duo, according to Latin America.

That's why, we are quite economical to book, as the events are generally sure to be sold out, if the right promotion is done by the club.

.:. Thanks and take care .:.