What loops/samples are you using?
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    Default What loops/samples are you using?

    so as the title says, what kind of samples are you using with the s4's sampler i myself have a couple of sweeps a name drop then miscellaneous other one shots and drops from all fields and varieties :P so what are your favorites! :P

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    Well I just took delivery of mine and aside from nearly jizzing my pants at how awesome it is, It's made me think about gearing alot of my production work into creating samples, sounds and loops primarily for use in the S4. I lose hours coming up with loops anyway and not fleshing them out into full tunes. With the S4 I can see some awesome potential just from the 10 minutes I got to play with it-and I didn't really know what I was doin' if I'm honest!!
    To say I'm happy at the moment is one hell of an understatement!

    I also plan to share plenty of sounds and loops on here if anyone's interested and believe me, I've got some seriously twisted tools for some propa sonic mayhem.
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