Button stopped working.
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    Default Button stopped working.

    One of the buttons on my MF has stopped working. It lights up in when the MF is plugged in (for the first bit of flashing lights) then after that its dead, doesnt send any signals to traktor or light up when pressed.

    Any ideas?

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    LED illumination and the button press readers are two separate subsystems, so the fact the LED lights up is good, the problem is with the button readers. If it's just the one button and all the others are functional then you need to investigate the signal path. fro the switch back to the microcontroller:

    1. Take out the switch. test it with a multimeter on "Continuity". Does it work on it's own?
    2. Do the switch legs make contact with the clips on the motherboard? Is the clip or the switch legs bent?
    3. Are both sides of the clip securely soldered to the motherboard both top and bottom? Has it snapped off? (I've seen this of the button is forced into the clip - the clip delaminates from the board underneath).
    4. The clip will be connected to one of the two HC165 chips. Are the legs of that HC165 chip all soldered down to the board? Is there a dry joint there? Try using a fine tipped soldering iron to reheating the legs one by one to reseat them (swipe from the chip to the end of the pin, one by one, careful not to bridge any of the legs with solder. solve this with copper desoldering braid)

    If all of these are fine, I'm essentially out of ideas.

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    Since this morning all of my buttons are dead. The leds work & they're also being lit by the midi signals I'm sending out of Traktor S4. But apparently there's no signal coming from my buttons.

    The weird thing is, I can't even go into bootloader mode, because pressing the 4 corner buttons on startup doesn't work.

    I also tried to get into Bootloader mode with the jumper-method, but that also didn't work. Flip just gives an error msg that it couldn't open the USB-connection.

    When the device starts up, it gives me the light show and everything, it's just that the buttons don't send out any signals.

    PS: I've already sent an email to Zach, explaining the whole situation. This has been the second problem in a few weeks since I've got the device, ugh it's so frustrating.
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