tagging mp3s and iTunes
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    Default tagging mp3s and iTunes

    whats the best way of tagging mp3s for electronical music so that it works with iTunes? i just read Ean's guide on tagging files for iTunes and that looks pretty good, but there's a problem.

    iTunes doesnt let you setup tags such as *Style* *Record Label* etc etc...

    how do you get around it?
    how do you get multiple gengres in to different playlists when there's only one field called Electronical for the *Gengre* tag?

    i need to have different gengres for different playlists, jus tlike Ean's setup? instead of using the Style tag (which iTunes wont pick up, whats best ) ?? can u type in whatever gengre u like in the *Gengre* tag, or what's the work around?

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    Default My 0.2 centz

    I use the hell out of the comments field.. before there were ratings, labels and all that other stuff in the columns for the software I was using this space for sub genre's and other stuff like *** (star ratings)..

    Now that the media players have more columns i often use the Grouping in itunes and then when in the programs itelf sort by that "whatever" and then edit the Label / "whatever" i need...

    using the comments has also saved my ass especially when swithcing applications From FS to Traktor to Serato etc.. not to mention when the beta versions screw up my tags, LOL

    Honestly, nowadayz i don't even bother using most applications data fields as long as it imports iTunes properly i'm good

    Hope this helps,
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