traktor/ableton smart mixing: ableton output configuration
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    Default traktor/ableton smart mixing: ableton output configuration

    i almost have my traktor fully routed into my ableton software, and i feel it right at my fingertips, but something just isnt right still. i have a feeling it has something to do with my soundcard output in ableton. im getting audio into ableton, as i can see the ableton waveforms moving, but i cant get sound to come out of the ableton software. i have it all set up in the asio4all control panel corectly as in the tutorial, but for some reason when i configure the outputs in ableton, there are about 20 different channels i can choose from (looks identical to the input configuration), and in the tutorial it shows only 2 options, and explains if you have a multichannel soundcard, you may have more (im assuming 4 options?). now im using a dj io soundcard with 2 sets of outputs, so shouldnt the output configuration screen have only maybe 4 options, instead of more than 20? any help here is much appreciated, thanks in advance

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    i had 20 input settings that i had to go though them to work out which one worked, maybe you should try the same thing with the outputs - i havent used VAC in a few months now(i changed over to JackDmp) so i cant remember if i had to do that with the output routings or not too.

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    ya i also had that for my input settings and i was able to figure out which ones needed to be selected. i dont know if its the same way with the outputs, but ill definitely mess around with it and let you know how it goes. im also using an older version of VAC, perhaps i should try it with a newer version, maybe that should do the trick

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