Audio 2 DJ/hurp laptop and interference noise
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    Default Audio 2 DJ/hurp laptop and interference noise

    I just got some proper monitors in my setup (HR 824 MK1), I haven't done much with them yet outside of a small bit of listening, I like them so far though.

    One problem I've had is that they give off a lot of that nasty interference noise when being run with something from my laptop, or at least when my laptop is plugged in. Unfortunately I have an asus G51JX, so it spends most of it's time plugged in due to short battery life and my preference for a bright screen. It's really bad if I just plug them in to the laptop's onboard, better but still annoying when being used with my audio 2.

    So my question is, is there any good way to fix this from the laptop standpoint? I mean obviously I can just unplug it and use it for a short time with no problems. These monitors also have an adjustment for the input impedance and I'm sure that would help as well, but if it puts out noise on the monitors (and my PA system, although I thought that might have been a different problem), then it could be a problem if I ever have to use the laptop for a live show or something of the sort.

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    What you're experiencing is called ground loop feedback/hum.
    Thankfully there's a solution available, a ground loop isolator.
    There are many different models, but here's a few...

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    +1 that should solve your issue Clumsymoe.
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