Omni Control -> Traktor Pro -> Ableton Live
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    Default Omni Control -> Traktor Pro -> Ableton Live

    HI Guys,

    i read the guides on how to sync my midi clock of traktor pro to ableton live. I was able to make that work....

    how do i then get audio from my built-in soundcard from omni control to input into ableton so i can add effects and samples from ableton? am i making any sense

    basically what i need is to play music and controll it using traktor and use ableton to do effects on the audio coming from the omni control soundcard..

    help please


    This is on a Mac system

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    another guide i read and saw on youtube says i can do this via Soundflower...i was thinking of other ways without it....

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    You could try the method found here:
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