MIDI fighter mapping
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    Question MIDI fighter mapping

    hey, im getting a Novation Launchpad soon and I have traktor. I love the MIDIFighter mapping and I'd like to have the mapping for Midi Fighter quadrupled for all four of the decks (top left 16 buttons control deck A, top right 16 buttons control deck B, etc.).

    Can anyone help?

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    There are plenty threads and articles here on DJTT that could guide you in the correct direction.

    I think what you could do it use the deckalized mapping with the 4 decks option, find out the midi notes that correspond to the launchpad and relearn the notes on the files to match the launchpad.

    If I were you, I would take a sheet of paper and put the 32X32 blocks of the launchpad with there midi notes listed, get another sheet of paper and put the 4x4 midi notes of the midi fighter together and super impose the midi fighter notes to the launchpad notes. Should be pretty fool proof other then youd actually have to deal with it yourself.

    Hope this was some help

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