Recorded Saturday night from the Boutique - first time live with the S4 and everything went well:

El Mundo & Satori - Itty Bitty Titties
Dum - Mayor's Wife
Ramiro Lopez - Brunch In Guadalmar
Eduard Gk - Last Call
Karim Haas - I Want To Believe
Roger Martinez & Funkuz - Close Off Open Up
Darlyn Vlys - Hey Bee See
Brothers In Progress - Shell Shocked
Deltano - Down Low
Kill Your TV - Repique
Ross Evana - Foor Floors
Threesixty - Verano
Tom Flynn - Seduction
Ben Leary - Balearia
Echonomist - New Home Same Life
Jay Lumen - Instincts
Alessio Meschieri & Rainer Weichhold - Couscous